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10 Best Fig­ma Plu­g­ins you should start using now


Best Fig­ma Plu­g­ins – Sketch and Adobe have been the de facto applications of choice for UI and UX designers for many years. However, in recent years, we’ve seen a slew of new competitors enter the market. Figma stands out among them for a variety of reasons.

To make things easier for its consumers, the business just released a long-awaited plugins add-on. In the list below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest Figma plugins.

Top 10 Best Fig­ma Plu­g­ins

Without plugin support, a designer’s task might become tiresome. Figma plugins were not always available. Figma is also compatible with any operating system that runs a web browser, such as Macs, Windows, and PCs.

1. Unsplash

This one speaks for itself. Rather of wasting hours searching the web for high-quality royalty-free pictures, you can use the Unsplash plugin for Figma to use mockup images straight from the Figma home screen. It’s no surprise that Unsplash has so many downloads in the Plugin Store.

Top 10 Best Fig­ma Plu­g­ins

2. Content Reel

Lorem Ipsum is used by most designers to create random text for usage in UI mockups. The experience is elevated with Content Reel. It is far more helpful and effective than Lorem Ipsum in that it allows you to produce random material such as user names, dates, addresses, currencies, avatars, symbols, and pictures, among other things.

3. Wireframe

Although there are several wireframing solutions on the market, such as Balsamiq, if you need to rapidly develop a prototype in Figma, the Wireframe plugin is a must-have.

The Wireframe contains a collection of pre-designed wireframes (templates) for Web and Mobile that are separated into categories and may be added to the Figma page by clicking on the frame. All of the files are Figma Component (SVG) files that are simple to modify. You can simply organize all wireframing and prototyping operations with this.

4. Iconify

To work on a UI project, every designer need icons. Instead of scouring the internet for icons, you may use a third-party plugin like Iconify to integrate several sorts of icons into your project.

Iconify lets you import Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, EmojiOne, Twitter Emoji, and a variety of other icons (around 60 icon sets with over 50,000 icons) as vector shapes into your Figma project.

5. Image Palette

Palette is the ideal plugin for you if you have difficulties deciding color combinations based on an image. From the selected photos, the plugin extracts a color palette of five distinct hues.

6. Stroyset

Isn’t it true that designers adore illustrations? To make an effect on a welcome page for a website or app, you’ll almost always need to include an artwork.

With the Stories by Freepik plugin, you may import and alter a stunning custom-made illustration to suit your needs. There are over 1000 free drawings to choose from.

7. Logo Creator

Do you have no idea where to begin when your customer requests a bespoke logo? The Figma Logo Creator plugin allows you to choose the best logo or create one from scratch using various components. You may create a stunning logo by picking from a variety of forms or selecting the finest design from 300+ prebuilt logo collections.

8. Charts

Including basic raw data in your design may make it appear boring. A chart can be used to improve the overall appeal of the design. For that, we propose the Figma plugin Charts.

Charts allow you to create charts that you can add to your Figma project and edit. Line, Area, Pie, Doughnut, Scatter, and Bar charts are all available. Each chart has its own set of options, such as multiple points, maximum and minimum values.

9. Figmoji

Figmoji is a lot of fun. If your job requires you to use emojis in design projects, Figmoji is the plugin for you. Emojis may be added to your UI project with only a single click. The plugin, as predicted, adds the SVG format of an emoji, giving you complete control over how you modify them.

10. Font Preview

Their interface design features cleverly produced typography that appeals to a wide range of people. The text type has the ability to either make or ruin the user interface. Using the same typeface across your design may be detrimental. You may avoid this by using Font Preview. You may preview your text in over 1000 font styles with this plugin.

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