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The Different Between BBA and BS in Business Degrees


BBA and BS – To apply for positions in business administration, you may need a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, having a degree that is primarily focused on the subject might help you stand out from the competition.

So, what’s the best degree to earn if you want a bachelor’s degree in business? Marilyn Carroll, PhD, a full-time business faculty member at Strayer University, says the answer is dependent on what you want to do. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) are two of the most common options (BSBA).

What is a BBA

A bachelor’s degree in business administration provides students with a wide grasp of how businesses operate. You’ll study general business principles and improve your communication and business decision-making abilities. Ethics, management, marketing, economics, and law are examples of possible courses.

Carroll explains, “The degree is centered on business administration.” “You may be needed to complete basic arithmetic and algebra classes, but calculus and advanced financial courses will not be necessary.” Carroll claims that the degree may be utilized in a number of settings. A bachelor’s degree in business administration may be used in a range of disciplines.

 Strayer offers concentrations in accounting, contract management, finance, human resource management, marketing, retail management, and more.

What is a BSBA

A BSBA focuses on a smaller number of areas but at a higher level. The emphasis of the courses is on gaining financial and technical knowledge. Courses in ethics, leadership, law, statistics, economics, and corporate finance are available. You’ll learn how to turn business intelligence into practical plans with this degree. “You’ll learn more about the’science of business’ with a bachelor’s degree,” Carroll adds.

What Do the Degrees Prepare You To Do?

A position in management, accounting, human resources, marketing, or another business profession is possible with either degree. “Ultimately, it boils down to emphasis—whether you want a more general degree that will allow you to explore business, or do you want a more specialized degree that would allow you to focus on a certain sector,” Carroll says.

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